Grants & Scholarships


2015 Grant Funding

Purchase of fertilizer and adding additional site for Compost Tea Research
Dr. Tamla Blunt and Carol O’Meara
Impacts of Effluent Water and Gray Water Irrigation on Turfgrass and Root Characteristics
Dr. Yaling Qian

Root Growth of Saltgrass and Kentucky Bluegrass as Affected by Salinity
Dr. Yaling Qian

Establishing Biological Controls for Japanese Beetle in Colorado
Dr. Whitney Cranshaw

Identification of Pollen Collected by Honey Bees within Urbanized Areas of Colorado
Dr. Whitney Cranshaw

Maintenance of the Horticulture Research Center (HRC) and Plant Environmental Research Center (PERC)
Dr. Tony Koski

2015 Scholarships

Mitch Bryden, CSU, John Deere/Potestio Scholarship

Jordan Diede, CSU, CALCP Scholarship, L.L. Johnson Scholarship

Jared Dillinger, University of Wyoming, RMRTA Scholarship

Corey Kachel, CSU, C & M Scholarship

Matt Kresbach, CSU, CALCP Employee Scholarship

Jemma Woods, University of Wyoming, RMRTA Scholarship

Jason Young, CSU, Jackie Butler Memorial Scholarship, CALCP Scholarship

No Employee Scholarship in 2015